The Green Screen Production Programme.

A step-by-step guide.


Register your production

Register your production details; company, location, crew size, filming dates, etc.

Pay the administration fee.


Producer Commitment

The Producer reads and evaluates the production's potential environmental impacts.

An Environmental Policy bespoke to the production is produced.


Fill in your Green Screen Environmental Policy

The Producer agrees to 3 basic mandatory environmental commitments.

Then chooses a minimum of 3 more commitments from a list of 12.


Download your Green Screen Crew Memo

The Green Screen Crew Memo is created, featuring these commitments.

It's downloaded and placed on the 1st day's call sheet.

It's a declaration to crew, cast and suppliers of the production's aims.


Access the resource guides & upload evidence

The Green Screen resources help crew make the shoot greener.

For certification, simply upload photos showing the commitments e.g. recycling bins.


Final Certification

Proudly display the production's Green Screen certificate and stamp on your end roller, company website or promo material.